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On April 1, 2016 the board of advisers of Global Radio Network reached a unanimous decision that it would no longer be prudent to stream music over our twelve (12) internet broadcast channels. The decision was reached after extensive debate, review and evaluation of the harsh music ‘pure play’ rate increases imposed by the U.S. Copyright Office on January 1, 2016.

The Copyright Royalty Board (also known as the CRB) is a three-judge panel appointed by Congress that sets royalty rates for music played over electronic devices — terrestrially and interactively. Unfortunately, the current rates have forced thousands of webcasters to cease streaming entirely due to little or no avenue to earn greatly needed revenue to keep their channels active.

Also, the Small Webcaster’s Act of 2008 a provision in the law which gave small webcasters level playing ground to establish, operate, and grow internet radio stations expired January 1, 2016. Until this Act of Congress is renewed or rewritten Global Radio Network shall stream an ‘all talk, all the time’ broadcast format.

If any, music streamed on this channel is entirely the production of Global Radio Network which is the sole owner of said musical production or the work of independent producers under signed agreement to stream said music, which is lawful.

Unfortunately, we cannot continue to stream musical works penned by your favorite artists under the current legal rulings. Global Radio Network